“Truly delightful. Your heart will melt and your mouth will smile. It should be mandatory for every young mother to read this book. Kate Collins, a mother of eight young children glories in the delights of motherhood, even in the midst of sleepless nights, selfless giving, and the challenges that mothers face each day. She lives the glory of motherhood according to Psalm 113:9 where God says He makes the barren woman to be a joyful mother of children.”

—Nancy Campbell, mother of 8 and editress of Above Rubies Magazine 

“To all mothers of young children—you are undertaking one of the most challenging yet most rewarding callings: to raise precious little ones with great love and care. The task is so great that you need encouragement for the journey from friends you can trust. Kate Collins is one of those friends. There is such sweetness, goodness, and love pouring out from the pages of her book! Her heartwarming stories and gentle advice bring back a lot of memories and priorities I had as a mommy of seven young children, and reflect a generous heart for you, young mom. You are the very one God has called to nurture the children He has given you. Let Collins and her book Delight-Full help you do that successfully.”

—Tracy Klicka (MacKillop), homeschooling mother of 7 who blogs about marriage, family life, widowhood, and remarriage atTracyKlicka.com 

“Kate Collins’ book is refreshing, fun and practical, but that is only a secondary observation. Its real power took me by the hand (even as a veteran mom), gently led me beyond the obvious challenges of motherhood, and set my sight on its life-changing glory. Kate doesn’t deny reality, nor does she let it taint her joy or cloud her vision of the ultimate, incredible privilege of nurturing eternal souls. She showed me how to be a better mother. Where we are tempted to fret and flounder in the daily trials of motherhood, in a culture ready to oblige us with its disdain of children, Delight-Full offers a timely shift back to the truth of the powerful calling on our lives. Families will be better whose moms have read this book.”

—Kelly Crawford, mother of 10 and blogger at GenerationCedar.com

“What a wonderful book teaching us what a Christian mother’s love for her children can be. Kate Collins shows us that life is not perfect in a Christian household but it can still bring delight and blessing as we use what God teaches us through His word. Be prepared to shed a few tears, to smile with your mouth and your heart as you read her 31 days worth of devotion sized chapters about delighting in her children. Her anecdotes bring to life the lessons she has learned as she manages a family of 8 little people. I will share this book with all of my “new momma” friends,my not so new momma friends, my grandma friends(even some grandpa friends)and my “hope to be a momma” friends! Delight-Full!”

—Lynn Schaw

“Some days it’s easy to love our children. Other days, it’s harder . . . when Mamma has been up for the third night in a row with a colicky baby, when the toddlers have a stomach bug, when everybody gets chicken pox . . . Some days will try a mother’s patience; choosing deliberately to love their children is a choice mothers must make in obedience to God.

As a mother of seven, and now a grandmother of four little ones, I thought I had this mothering thing down, but in reading Kate’s book, I learned many things that I wish I’d understood earlier. Kate Collins is one of the warmest, most loving mothers I have ever met and a wonderful example. The lives of my grandchildren (and my own!) will be richer for my having read her book.”

—Mrs. Geoffrey Botkin, mother of 7 and voice of numerous audio books with the Western Conservatory of the Arts and Sciences

“Kate Collins has done all of us moms a favor in writing her sensitive and encouraging book, Delight-Full. I have found with my own family of fourteen children that the key to having their hearts is to make sure they know that I delight in being their mother. Children are, after all, expert heart readers, and they need to know that their sensitive hearts are in trustworthy hands. Kate has sent a challenging and uplifting wake-up call to young mothers everywhere: Number your days, realize that your children are growing up quickly, and give yourself to the precious mission of motherhood.”

—Marilyn Boyer, mother of 14 and author of For You They Signed